Terms and Conditions

Your holiday/Booking

The holiday accommodation we provide and for which you will pay or have paid us in full for the rental period required.


A self contained property fully equipped with furniture, furnishings, white goods, etc. of good quality and for the number of people booked for your holiday together with use of a private swimming pool.

Your party

The group of people which have been confirmed at the time of booking will occupy the villa for the period of time specified.

Basic booking price

The price advertised on our web site for renting the accommodation which includes use of the accommodation for the period specified, cleaning of the property and sets of clean linen/towels on a weekly basis.

Total booking price

Is the basic booking price plus any extras that you request at the time of booking the villa.

Booking deposit

A sum of money (25% of the total booking price) you deposit with us to reserve your accommodation as detailed in our confirmation to you. Rental for the accommodation is not guaranteed until the deposit funds are paid and cleared. The booking deposit is non-refundable, except in the highly unlikely event of our having to cancel your holiday.

Breakages Deposit

A refundable security deposit of £150, payable at the time of your final booking payment is required against breakages/damage, excessive cleaning and lost/stolen keys for the property. This amount will be refunded within 14 days of your return home, if our agents report everything to be in order upon checking the villa after your departure.


Smoking is NOT ALLOWED inside the villa. If guests smoke outside, they are kindly requested to dispose of their cigarette butts to help keep the garden tidy. Please ensure all cigarette ends thrown in waste bins or bags are properly extinguished.

House Cleaning/Linen/Towels

Once a week.

** NOTE the towels we supply are for use in our villa(s) only; they must not be used around the pool or at the beach!

Excessive cleaning charge

If excessive cleaning is required after your stay, over and above the normal amount of time taken to clean the accommodation, then we reserve the right to charge you for the extra hours required to clean which will be deducted from the security deposit. The charge is £30 per hour (for the first two hours) then £15 per hour after that. This cost of cleaning and overtime rates are paid to our representatives over and above their designated scheduled (and inclusive) administration. You will be notified up your return to the UK of any excess charge for cleaning.

Breakages/Call out Charges

All breakages must be reported to our local representative immediately. £3 per person charge has been included in the cost of your holiday to cover general breakages. We reserve the right to invoice you immediately for any damage/breakage caused over and above the general breakage cover charge. Apart from normal wear and tear, if our representatives are called out to attend an incident during your stay and it is ascertained that the damage (if applicable) has been caused by you, a call out charge will be payable. This will be deducted from the security deposit and/or invoiced for the repairs/replacement of any such damage or breakage if it exceeds £150.00.

Private swimming pool

The swimming pool is exclusively for the use of your own party. During the summer season our pool is cleaned twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday. For your own safety the swimming pool will be out of use for a short period of time whilst it is being cleaned and the relevant chemicals are added. Suntan oil must be washed off before entering the swimming pool as it can cause clogging of the filters. Please use the outdoor shower(s) for this purpose.

Cancellation of your booking

If for reasons of your own, you have to cancel your holiday the following conditions will apply:

  • At any time after your payment of the 25% booking deposit, but prior to you paying the balance of the full price no refund will be paid.
  • In the period between paying the balance of the total price and 6 weeks from the scheduled start of your holiday a refund of 60% of the full price of your holiday will be made.
  • In the period between 4 and 6 weeks from the scheduled start of your holiday a refund of 40% of the full price of your holiday will be made.
  • In the period between 2 and 4 weeks from the scheduled start of your holiday – no refund will be made.
  • If you do not pay the outstanding balance for your holiday or of anyone in your party on or before the date when it is due we may cancel the booking and you will be required to pay cancellation charges detailed below. The date of cancellation will be 15 days after the balance of the holiday cost is due.

Cancellation charges : -

  • Between 15 and 59 days before departure will result in a cancellation charge of 75% of the booking price.
  • Between 7 and 14 days before departure will result in a cancellation charge of 90% of the booking price.
  • Less than 7 days before departure will result in a cancellation charge of 100% of the booking price.



We will respect your privacy and leave you to enjoy your holiday. We will however attend at the villa to carry out cleaning and pool maintenance etc. on the days specified.

Notwithstanding the above, Premier Crete Rentals or their representatives reserves the right to enter the property without prior notice if an emergency or other occurrence affecting the health and safety of occupants or members of the general public which makes it imperative.

Preparation and maintenance of the villa

Prior to your arrival the villa will have been cleaned and arranged for occupation according to the number of people in your party.
The swimming pool will have been cleaned, tested for purity and necessary chemicals added.

There is a manual within the villa advising you how to run the house and its systems. Please take time to look through this.
We ask you to conduct yourselves in a reasonable manner so as not to cause offence, danger, threat or annoyance to others.
To treat the property with reasonable care, so as not to cause wilful damage to the building, equipment and furnishings.
Not to sublet the property or bring persons over and above those confirmed at booking or subsequently requested change of named persons to stay in the property.
Not to bring any pets or stray animals to stay in the property.
Not to bring or use in the property any substances of a narcotic character or any that are banned by Greek law to be used or possessed by individuals.
To report to Premier Crete Rentals representative any damage that occurs to the property or its contents, broken or malfunctioning equipment, etc. whether caused by a member of your party or not.
To report to Premier Crete Rentals representative of any infestation of the property by insects or vermin.

Day of your departure

We ask you please to vacate the villa by 10.00am on the day of your departure.
Please leave the villa in a good clean condition as far as possible as you found it at the beginning of your holiday.
Please report to Premier Crete Rentals representative anything in, on or around your accommodation that your group has damaged, spoiled or lost.
Please also report anything that has, through no fault of your own or of any person in your party, been damaged, ceased to function or is working badly. In particular, but not limited to electrics, water or drainage systems.

Further Terms

All transactions, agreements and day to day business arising from or consequential to this document are subject to the following: –
Each adult member of your party will be held jointly and severally liable for the obligations and conditions.
All actions are governed by relevant English law and, where applicable, also by Greek law and statutes.
Only the persons named on booking may occupy the property. You may make agreed changes to the composition of your party prior to your holiday so long as you pay any additional fees, taxes or costs that then become due. Contraventions of this condition, when discovered, are grounds for immediate eviction of people not named on your booking form from the occupied property and they may be pursued, on the grounds of trespass, by Premier Crete Rentals by all legal means for lost revenues or inconvenience.

**Please note that any person staying in the property but not named as a member of your party will invalidate their holiday travel insurance, also they will not be able to claim any compensation or redress for illness, personal injury or any other harm, distress, loss or inconvenience that can be said to be the fault of Premier Crete Rentals.

Premier Crete Rentals accept no responsibility for mistakes or omissions on the part of other persons, firms, local authorities, utilities providers or any other supplier either of goods or services or for the quality of their goods and services, notwithstanding that we may have advertised those suppliers.

Premier Crete Rentals cannot be held responsible for unforeseeable events that spoil your holiday, cause you to interrupt or to abandon your holiday. If an event of this nature is known by us to have occurred before your holiday or if it is foreseeable by us, we will inform you as quickly as we can and seek to agree on an appropriate action.

Premier Crete Rentals has sought, by a variety of means, to alleviate the problems caused by electricity and water cuts. However, interruptions in these services are a regular occurrence in high summer. We consider these occurrences as events beyond our control and accordingly we cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising.

Swimming pool safety

We will not be held responsible for any accident or injury to any member of your party who do not take all practical care and safety in or around the poolside. It goes without saying that children and adult non-swimmers must be supervised at all times when on the poolside or in the pool.

Force majeure

Premier Crete Rentals will not be held liable for any event or events which we or the supplier of a service in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riots and civil strikes, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, industrial actions, adverse weather conditions, fire and all similar events beyond our control. We regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation in this regard.


If any provision of these terms are held by any court or other competent authority to be void or unenforceable in whole or in part, the other provisions of the contract and any remainder of the affected provision or provisions shall continue to be valid.

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