Stephanie HigginsEveryone has dreams, right?  Well my husband and I were no exception.  Back in 2004 we took a trip over to the beautiful island of Crete which was where our dream all started.  At first we had huge ideas about buying a lovely stone house to renovate, but it soon became clear to us that these were completely foolish thoughts and we should wake up and smell the coffee.  We hadn’t even begun to contemplate what might be involved, let alone all the red tape that we would have to go through to achieve that dream.

So after coming back to reality, and spending a week looking at ruins, half built houses, we fell in love with a particular spot, which is now where Villa Kali Thea proudly stands in all its glory.

After many trips to Crete and running out of ink in our pens from all the documents we had to sign, we started to build our dream home.  What began as a small project, soon blossomed into a large luxury villa with a great swimming pool.  And believe me when we say we were not disappointed.

Finally, on the day it was completed and the dust had settled, we were handed our front door keys.  When we walked in through the front door, we just looked at one another and said WOW!  We were a little overwhelmed by what had been achieved….and it was all ours!  Like all wonderfully crazy people we didn’t want to spend the first night in some warm and snug hotel sipping champers and congratulating ourselves. Oh no, we donned our warm clothing, got out the electric pump and blew up the lilos…damned if we weren’t going to spend the first night in our own place.  No matter that we didn’t have any fixtures or fittings, we were happy.

So then ensued the challenge of furnishing our large villa with luxury items.  Having spent many years staying at different villas and realising that sometimes those “little home touches” were missing, we were going to make sure that we kitted our place out with everything anyone staying there could possibly need.

Delivery upon delivery arrived, beds, sofas, tables, chairs, fridges, freezers…you name it, it arrived!  Finally, everything was up and running and out came another bottle of champagne.

Well it was 2004 when we started our adventure, and we are now some years on, and Villa Kali Thea continues to delight those who stay there.  We have had some marvellous feedback from everyone who has stepped through its front door and even many who have returned.

We just love our villa. Sitting in all its splendor on the hillside, overlooking the beautiful landscape of western crete…who could ask for more?